Sunday, November 30, 2014

Baandin Chiewlarn Resort, Chiew Larn

We stayed here last night and the resort located inside the Rajjaprabha Dam park, which also hosts parts of the Khao Sok National Park. There's lots of beautiful nature surrounding Chiew Larn and the Baandin Chiewlarn Resort is in the midst of it.

Upon arrival we loved it immediately, but once in the room the wall between the other room was very thin and we could almost everything from the other room.
The owner and staff are great though and very friendly and helpful and during the evening there was a nice barbecue going on. Bring your own meat and give it a go! There are a couple of family sized rooms at decent rates.

One thing that turned us off though was a karaoke at the other side of the river that kept blaring music until 11pm to midnight and destroyed the so lovely natural feel of the place.

Booking by AGODA

Baandin Chiewlarn Resort, Chiewlarn

Guest room

Baandin Chiewlarn Resort, Chiewlarn

Loghome exterior

Baandin Chiewlarn Resort, Chiewlarn


Baandin Chiewlarn Resort, Chiewlarn

The river

Baandin Chiewlarn Resort, Chiewlarn

Evening barbeque's


Dee said...


We are a group of 3 planning to visit here. Is it easy to get to Donsak Pier or Khao Sok (to take a bus to Don Sak) from here?

Also, since this looks a bit isolated, it's safe, right? There's not a lot of info about the place. Hence the questions :)

Thank you so much for your post. It's very informative!

Camille said...

Hi Dee,
It's a very nice and lovely place but I have no idea how to get there without your own means of transportation.
As long as you stay within the resort, I would think it's safe! I felt safe when we were there.