Thursday, February 9, 2012

Castle Howchow Beach Resort Hotel, Khon Kaen

Castle Howchow Beach Resort Hotel, Khon Kaen

This is a special place. A beach resort in Khon Kaen? Yes indeed, the owners of this family style resort have build their own beach near Khon Kaen.

The resort is located in the tranquil countryside of Amphur Kranuan in the District of Khon Kaen, in North East Thailand, or possibly better known as Isaan.

What makes this resort so special is that they have divided the resort in three main areas;
Garden 1. -5 rai, represents the South of Thailand with a beautiful man made beach and a big saltwater chlorinated swimming pool, surrounded by 16 new Luxury Bungalows.

Garden 2. -10 rai represents Central Thailand with its (Klongs) Waterways in its fully matured landscaped surrounding, bridges leading to a lake with , walkways bridges and salas to sit in and relax.

Garden3. -5 rai represents Isaan with its orchard and mature trees. There is also housing in this garden for another 66 persons.

In total the resort boasts 39 Luxury Bungalows in total, plus 4 Suite Rooms and a new block of rooms in Garden 3 with solar heated hot and solar pumped cold water, cable TV, broadband internet connection in every room and air-conditioning.

If you're in for a country side holiday and are looking for something else, this may be exactly what you're looking for. This place is special in many different ways.

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