Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kao Lak Youth Club, Kao Lak

Kao Lak Youth Club, Kao Lak

During a Similan Islands dive trip in January 2009, I stayed one night in this Youth Club in Kao Lak.
The name is rather misleading though, it's a hotel with a couple of stand alone bungalows build on a hill and isn't anywhere what you would expect from a youth club.

The rooms are all wood and simple but nice, if you're near reception you also get Wifi in the room. The rooms also come with air conditioning, TV and fridge, pretty much what you would expect in your average hotel room and not in a youth club.

They're located very centrally inside Kao Lak, not on the beach if that's what you're looking for and they're very reasonably priced.

A good choice for me when I was passing through, convenient and price conscious.

Booking by Agoda

Booking by Hotels Combined

View of reception with resort in the back


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