Thursday, November 24, 2011

Airport Resort & Spa Phuket, Airport

Airport Resort & Spa Phuket, Airport

This hotel is located within 5 minutes of Phuket airport and is ideal for spending a night in transit or transferring. Don't confuse this hotel with the Phuket Airport Hotel, where I stayed previously. The latter raised their price to the same level as the Airport Resort & Spa and to be honest, the Airport Resort & Spa wins that contest easily, hands down!

Once you pass the village near Phuket airport, you immediately reach this resort and that's immediately the only downside, if you would like to stray from the resort, you have about a 5 minute walk into the village where there are plenty of other restaurant options besides the resorts restaurants.

Other than that the resort is just fine, nice rooms, friendly staff, free transfers between the airport and the resort, the only real minus I could find is that wifi is only available for free next to the pool.

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