Friday, November 12, 2010

Baan Lanta, Baan Kan Tiang Bay, Koh Lanta

Baan Lanta, Baan Kan Tiang Bay, Koh Lanta

This nice and small Resort and Spa is tucked away on Baan Kan Tiangs Beach, still one of Koh Lanta's best kept secrets. The first time I drove to Baan Kan Tiang, I thought I left the point of no return on the road a few times already and when you don't expect anything at all to show up anymore, all of a sudden, there's this little village in a valley as if it just walked out of a book! Later I found out that this still isn't the end of the world and the road actually continues for a little bit.

In this nice little valley is exactly where the Baan Lanta is located. Small, nice and very relaxed. With only 15 rooms, no need to be afraid that it will be overcrowded!
The view over the bay is astonishing and romantic at the same time and the restaurant at Baan Lanta has some tasty meals waiting for you.

The nice thing about the location is that although it's far away from everything else on the island, the valley has a few nice other things to offer, a 7-11 (very convenient!), some more restaurants and everything you may need to cover first things at hand. At night the 'why not' is not to be missed with their own band!

Scubafish is running a tight ship at the resort for all your diving necessities and their boats leave from the bay in season, how convenient does this get?

Time for a break, looking for a nice secluded bay in mid range prices, Baan Lanta may well be your choice.

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Deluxe Pool Villa

Deluxe Pool Villa

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