Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mango Bay Grand Resort, Koh Tao

Mango Bay Grand Resort, Koh Tao

As a diver living on Koh Samui, see my dive blog for my dive adventures, I've been diving Mango Bay and Koh Tao since I arrived on these shores, in 1999. Mango Bay was a popular spot for it's shallow but beautiful waters. It's always been a snorkelers paradise and for entry level dives it's an excellent training location.

Over the years this beautiful bay on Koh Tao has seen a bit of development and one of the results is Mango Bay Grand Resort. The bay can be reached by long tail boat by means of a free shuttle service or when weather conditions won't allow this, by an unpaved road and from the parking lot it's just 400 steps down to the resort!

Similar to the resort, all building materials had to be brought in by boat!

The views here are spectacular and you can literally drop from the mooring point into the clear water.
Things to keep in mind that it is very isolated, so bring all you need (cash, books etc) and electricity is only available from 6 pm to midnight, so it can get very hot and sweaty in your room. Back to the basics on Koh Tao!

Rooms are fairly priced and if you're looking for a (very) quiet and relaxing environment, this may be it!

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Room with fan
Bungalow with aircon

Bungalow on the slopes

Sea view

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